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What is Cyber Security?

Although the name Cyber Security (Computer Security or IT Security) is flamboyant due to its name, in short, it is the protection of electronic devices containing all information such as server / computer or tablet / phone, even at the cost of their lives. The most important purpose of cyber security is to protect the information of you, your users and the company you work for from outside attacks. By the end of 2020, there will be 212 billion security cameras, temperature gauges, media players, etc. It is calculated that the device will be on the Internet, such as This poses some risks in terms of cyber security.

Cyber security has started to take an important place in our lives, as there are many damages that can be caused and even deadly. According to recent research, medical information ranks second after financial data among organized crime organizations in the black market. This harmful trend is enough for us to give due consideration to protecting and defending our financial and medical information.

Cybersecurity management is quite complex due to reasons such as national security, protecting business interests, privacy concerns of individuals, and it needs to be constantly worked on to minimize and prevent internal and external threats. The fact that many individuals, companies or institutions are in danger in our country requires us to focus on this issue in more detail. Special attention should be paid to this issue, as attacks on our country are usually carried out by downloaded software or by opening incoming e-mails. Our cyber defense should be strengthened by raising the awareness of computer users in our country about security and providing training on cyber crimes. It should not be forgotten that cyber warfare can destroy a modern country with a strong information and communication infrastructure and bury it in darkness.

Cyber attacks on our country have no limits. Millions of attacks, especially from 12 countries, seriously endanger the security of our country. Every individual, business and institution taking security measures against cyber attacks will minimize the impact of these attacks. Due to weak and low security, Germany's losses are estimated at $25 to $50 billion, and the UK at between 18 and 27 billion pounds.

The damages inflicted on countries by cyber attacks amount to billions of liras. These attacks arise from the competition between countries as well as political or personal. Even if a country's banks become inoperable one day, it means losing millions of liras. Therefore, the money to be allocated for cyber warfare will be nothing compared to what is lost. For example, 40-50 liras to spend for a virus application may seem like a lot at first, but when such an attack is encountered, it may be nothing compared to what is lost. As a matter of fact, there are a number of free as well as paid applications in the market.

Who can Cyber Threats come from?

  • Bot-network operators

  • hackers

  • Criminal groups

  • Business / Institution / Hospital / School etc. employees

  • Terrorists

  • malicious software developers

  • Spammers to make money

  • Competing countries or the desire of one country to harm another country. Like Stuxnet, Shamon and Duqu viruses.

Stuxnet, Shamon and Duqu viruses hurt some countries in the middle east. In particular, Stuxnet was the most important attack against Iran's nuclear power plants, and it was quite effective.

What can be stolen and what can we lose when we encounter an attack?

  • Theft of personal information, identity theft

  • Projects developed by companies over a long period of time pass into the hands of their competitors

  • Obtaining patient information by unwanted persons

  • Stealing bank information, transferring accounts to other accounts

  • Taking control of weapon systems

  • Making power plants inoperable for a while, which we have witnessed as a country in the past days.

Below I have compiled a list of sites that graphically display cyberattacks in real time, which I believe you will enjoy.
Digital Attack Map
Kaspersky Cybermap
Trend Micro
Honey Net

If you have browsed the above sites, you must have felt the real feeling of war.

What should we do to reduce cyber security risks:

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Millions of people are victims of these crimes every year. Now, every electronic device user, viruses, worms, trojans and so on. He has to know how to use the most basic security tools to take precautions against such dangers.

Deletion of information is as important as stealing information. Destroying knowledge gained over the years is not even the last thing companies want.

Some of you may say to me what my information is stolen. We read in the newspapers what happened to those who lost their identity. Not only the information of individuals, but also the top secret information of countries are in danger. Cyber Security is a way to prevent our vital information from falling into the hands of malicious people. Even the e-mail address whose password you have changed indicates that you have taken a step towards cyber security.

Nothing important on my computer, don't say no matter what. With botnets, your computer can be used to attack an important institution, disable a bank, etc. In short, you have a zombie system and your system acts like a soldier in attacks. Sometimes zombie computers can be in the millions. Imagine that so many computers attacked the important institutions of a country. In my opinion, dormant zombie computers exist, waiting for tasks that may be assigned to them. Even this thought is important to show how important cyber security is. In particular, Russia is quite ahead in this regard and is one of the countries that should be considered.

According to IBM, attacks are 35% with malicious codes and 28% with probe/scan.
Reasons for the attackIBM-2013):

  • 23% espionage, financial crimes and stealing information

  • 15% of the losses caused by those who quit their job

  • 49% opportunists

  • 7% extremists and social activists

  • 6% others

The most attacked industrial areas:

  • 26.5% Producers

  • 20.9% Banks and financial institutions

  • 18.7% Telecommunications and Communications

  • 7.3% Health Institutions

  • 6.6% Businesses

Human Factors:







Precautions to be Taken

  • Always keep your computer up to date.

  • Secure your passwords and use passwords that no one can guess.

  • Use threat reduction techniques; Install free apps like Malwarebytes and comodo.

  • Take special care when opening emails from someone you don't know.

  • Educate your family and friends about this.

One of the most important mistakes that threaten Cyber Security is that the simplest security vulnerabilities are not patched or ignored. It is almost impossible to steal information from a non-vulnerable computer.

In recent years, the black market of malware, worms and trojans has emerged. People are sacrificing thousands of dollars for this type of malware/code. Their goal is to use zombie computers for their own evil deeds.


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