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Psychological Warfare Techniques

One of the methods of Psychological Warfare is propaganda. Propaganda is a very powerful weapon in war. In this case, the goal is usually to show the enemy inside or outside as inhuman cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and to create hatred towards him. By using some special words or avoiding using some special words, the enemy is blamed for things they have never done, thus creating an erroneous image in their minds. Most propaganda is real or imaginary of the enemy a cause of injustice_cc7819 It wants to make it feel like it's 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d. At the same time, the people must believe that their nation is right. For propaganda to be effective it must be believable, simple, interesting, consistent, repeated often, and compatible with regional or general facts._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Propaganists especially work on the neutral, the clueless and the hesitant, who will determine the outcome of the struggle. Its tools are all tools related to words, writing and pictures.

One of the psychological warfare methods controlled tension strategy. The feeling of sovereignty is a universal feeling. Power centers increase the tension in order not to lose their control with the effect of this feeling and they benefit from the tension. They try to draw the danger they perceive as a potential danger into their own rules of war. Their own rules of war are violence. They feed on violence, they take advantage of violence. Controlled tension is a method developed by the strong side to keep its dominance, it gives results in the short term. In the long run, the gun backfires. International power centers have always used the controlled voltage strategy of the arms industry .

Deep focus, not deep state!

It can be thought that four benefits were planned in the assassination of Associate Professor Hablemitoğlu. The first is Assoc. Dr. The opportunity to attack Hablemitoğlu's enemies has been uncovered. Secondly, attention was drawn to the issues of interest to the victim. Third, if the victim exceeded the limits on some issues, he was stopped. The fourth benefit Assoc. The accusation of Hablemitoğlu as a PKK member of Turanian mobilizes radical nationalist tendencies. It can be thought that those who intend to prevent the European Union entry process and those who have tabooed nationalism will benefit from this environment. In the controlled tension strategy, the accused party must determine its own battle. Responding to violence with violence is to enter the forest area of the aggressor. The side that shows the right, honorable, clear, clear stance will be the winner in the long run in the psychological war. Therefore, while examining the assassination of Necip Hablemitoğlu, it is necessary to analyze what the psychological warfare target is aimed to be achieved with this event.

Offensive and defensive weapon of psychological warfare; propaganda is education and provocation. Its ammo is; information in the form of words, text, pictures, brochures and e–mails. The purpose of this war style is to persuade and change people. The method is also brainwashing. So the target is the human brain, to dominate the human brain. With this incident, it is clear that both the Hablemitoğlu assassination and the major unsolved murderers always aimed to target certain groups . This means that such events have a common psychological warfare argument.

Chinese General Sun-tzu wrote a book on the subject 2500 years ago. The PS method used in the disintegration of the Turkish states continues to be valid today. It would be helpful to look at some of Sun–tzu's suggestions:

  • 1– Discredit what is good in hostile countries.

  • 2- Disgrace the reputation of the khans of the enemy countries by belittling their achievements, and when the time comes, make sure that their own people despise them.

  • 3– Benefit from the cooperation of mean and vile people.

  • 4- Spread the discord and quarrels among the hostile people.

  • 5– Make your opponent's traditions ridiculous. (Ersan Inan, 1997)


It seems that these proposals have been successfully pursued by Turkey's opponents for years.

What is propaganda? It is information, documents, doctrines and opinions published with the aim of influencing and changing the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes and actions of a community. The purpose of propaganda is to provide direct or indirect benefits to the propagandist. However, with propaganda, it is aimed to push the opposing group into economic and political isolation. Ultimate victory in a war depends on the enemy's acceptance of defeat. The enemy who does not accept defeat will create problems again in the future. The collapse of the morale of the enemy, which is his moral strength, is only possible with propaganda, which is a method of psychological warfare. This is what we want to do in Turkey. Turkey is located in an extremely important geography due to its geography and therefore it is natural to want to be destabilized by its enemies.

The arsenal of propaganda is words and words. There is a very good quote by Goethe that we must remember here. Goethe, “The most powerful weapon is an idea whose time has come.” der. Propaganda is not just random words. It is an activity that has been thought about for a long time, time and ground are well calculated, shape and size are determined correctly, and the target audience is determined.

Whenever Turkey achieves a stable environment, such psychological warfare arguments comes into play in Turkey. There are different types of propaganda, which is an important method of psychological warfare, which I tried to describe above.

  • 1– White propaganda.

  • 2– Gray propaganda.

  • 3– Black propaganda.

  • 4– Armed propaganda.

  • 5– Counter-propaganda.

white propaganda

It is open propaganda; his source is known and he wants to introduce himself. It is open and transparent. Accuracy is given importance in white propaganda. If a lie is used, it backfires and undermines trust.

Its gain, its strongest side, refutes the ideas of the other party, reduces its supporters. True, open and transparent propaganda inspires confidence in the masses. The weakness of white propaganda is that its range is limited. It cannot circulate freely. If the enemy immediately uses the means of counter-propaganda to protect himself, it may result in threats and corruption. If the public is suspicious about the propaganda, the gun will backfire, thus weakening the trust.

The material of white propaganda is the news. They use the mistakes and abuses of the opposing side as material. It should be planned when, how, how and to what extent this material will be used. The goal of psychological warfare is to determine the weak side of the castle well and to shoot at that target persistently and repeatedly, ultimately weakening the resistance.
The breach opened in the minds will be enlarged. In order to achieve this, it is necessary not to avoid repeating the right target set in the white propaganda method thousands of times. If you are exposed to white propaganda; You must patiently and persistently engage in words, behaviors and actions that will close the gap in the minds. Doubts about the misinformation used in propaganda should be persistently expressed in the form of counter-propaganda.


gray propaganda

One of the important propaganda elements of psychological warfare, gray propaganda is a fuzzy propaganda. Here, the source is unknown, its accuracy cannot be proven. It is not certain that it is a lie or slander. The main material of gray propaganda is “rumors”. Its working style is not limited like open propaganda, it is free like black propaganda, which I will describe below.
Its strength is that it is well accepted by the interlocutor. It does not create a feeling of propaganda on people. Since the propagandists are uncertain, the most exciting topics can be used in gray propaganda. In this style, it is usually aimed to put ten lies into a true event and to make the addressee small and ridiculous. If the script is well written, "rumours" circulate.

For example, before September 12, 1980, it was announced by retired General S. Demcioğlu that this bad environment was used to prepare minds for a military coup, by not allowing the Parliament and the government to produce a solution that would eliminate anarchy.

The purpose of gray propaganda, may be to show something imperfect, incomplete and vague, complete and adequate. Or, it is aimed to shade and devalue something that is complete, sufficient and clear by showing it suspicious. All kinds of contradictions are skillfully used in this method. Even if there is no contradiction, it is treated as if there is. Thus the desired sign in mind_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_dc-13631931594f -136bad5cf58d_wake.
Therefore, when analyzing such assassination events, the main thing is the psychological effect desired to be created in the target country.

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