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What is Psychological Warfare?

Psychological Warfare: It is a type of war that aims to break this psychological power as a result of a general pressure on the thoughts, behavior, feelings, traditions and beliefs of the enemies. Thus, the psychological power of the other party is weakened and they become psychologically strong. We call all activities carried out for this purpose psychological warfare.

It is the great world states that use this type of psychological warfare most actively. Although they seem to be the guardians of peace, they actually engaged in a mental and psychological war that precipitated each other internally. These states, which see themselves as ambassadors of peace, follow war policies under the guise of peace and act within this framework.


Psychological warfare, is a formation that succeeds by damaging the political, economic and socio-cultural structures of the opponents and tries to create the course of the war around its own circle. Psychological warfare is intensely carried out with propaganda. During the Second World War, Afghanistan, Cuba, Vietnam, Lebanon, Israel-Egypt was seen differently. The greatest effect of psychological warfare is war Körfez war.

An increasingly dirty propaganda and a psychological operation/war by the Alliance of Evil (USA-Zionism-Israel-England-EU) in Turkey is carried out intensively through the media/social media, the internet and the whisper newspaper. Understanding what is right and what is wrong requires special attention and energy.

A trap is being built and expanded!

This trap should not be considered or evaluated independently of the 15 July Military Coup Attempt aimed at sociological warfare.

The main fact that should not be forgotten is this: In such attacks, which are built on falsification, the target is not a Mehmet Görmez, Nurettin Yıldız, İhsan Şenocak or Ahmet Ağırakça; The target is Islam, Muslims as a whole and especially religious people.

These people are only used as tools. In terms of the issues we have dealt with, some of the writings of these people are cut, cropped, meaning shifted and served in the media to create negativities in the public. In general, people, especially those with religious sensitivities, start to criticize the teachers who have been targeted by the evil alliance and start extrajudicial executions without being sure whether the text served is true or not; Thus, the wish of the evil alliance is realized and the Muslim community is divided and fragmented.

The use of the news circulating without researching and analyzing its reliability does nothing but serve the psychological war waged by the Evil Alliance.

For this reason, first of all, what is psychological warfare and for what purpose it is used will be discussed and evaluated with its main lines.

THE BASIC CRITERIA AND OBJECTIVE IN THE SOCIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR ARTICLE SERIES WHICH WERE CONDUCTED THROUGH THE TEACHERS (The author is talking about the 4-series article he wrote in the same newspaper before.)

The socio-psychological war article series conducted on the Hodjas has been prepared with the assumption that the sociological war dimension of the 15 July Military Coup Attempt for sociological warfare continues.

This series of articles is not written to support or criticize the mentioned or future professors. Our writing and speaking teachers will either "stand by what they write and speak" or say "we made a mistake" and "apologise".

While evaluating and interpreting the events, Hz. We refer to the “parable of the two plaintiff brothers” about David (38 Sad 21-26). Hz. David listened to only one sheep owner; 99 sheep decided without listening to their owners (38 Sad 24).

Hz. David was warned very harshly by Allah, and he was asked to judge between people with truth:

“O David! We have made you caliph on earth. So judge between people justly. Do not follow whims and whims, then it will lead you astray from the path of Allah. Surely, those who stray from the path of Allah, there is a severe punishment for them because they forgot the Day of Judgment” (38 Sad 26).

Hz. In the warning given to David, the most crucial point in terms of our subject is that right and justice apply to all people. It doesn't matter what religion, sect, party, sect, community, foundation or NGO they belong to; must be done in accordance with truth and justice.

In this series of articles, the following points were tried to be questioned:

1-Do these articles/speeches presented by some media really belong to the mentioned professors?

2- Were these texts/or speeches given in accordance with their originals?

3.- If these are not given in accordance with the original, how are the originals?

4.- If the speeches/writings of the teachers are given by falsifying, what is the purpose of this?

Does this have anything to do with the 15 July Military Coup Attempt for sociological warfare or the "Islam's War Against Islam Project"? Where might it correspond in the strategy of the Alliance of Evil? Or how might the evil alliance want to take advantage of it?
It would be beneficial for the reader to evaluate this article series within this framework.



Psychological warfare is a form of struggle used in the struggle between value systems, countries and nations. Although it has been used since the beginning of human history, it was in the 20th century that it became systematized and very effective.

Psychological warfare is defined as "a form of warfare that is carried out by using all the means and forms of action that can be considered except for military weapons and military operations"(1).

Psychological warfare is a war between minds and the mind is shown as a tactical target. The aim is to abort people's decision-making by wearing out their minds. The aim of psychological warfare is to break the resistance of a country's people or a group against decision-making centers or forces; to push him into indecision by dragging him into chaos, and ultimately to make him surrender by putting him into a criminal psychology. The main goal is to re-educate the individual, group or society that admits to being guilty and to ensure their obedience to the current authority. In this war, the interlocutors are blamed and rendered incapable of acting, surrendered and trained to make them dependent on the system and authority.


One of the most basic elements of successful conduct of psychological warfare; It is the infiltration of the center waging the war into the group, community or society against which it will wage a psychological war through different organizations, structures or individuals. The infiltration process starts years ago; Wait patiently until the targeted person or organization is brought to the desired position: The example of the Gülen Movement.

The center, which carries out the psychological war, weaves its webs like a spider, knots and knots. After the mechanism is completed, it begins to attack these fake organizations and individuals by applying a "decoupled war tactic" in order to both hinder and wear out the real litigants. Thus, they gradually become famous. As soon as the envisaged goal is achieved, an intense attack is initiated, creating conflicts within this collaborative organization/community, and it is desired to carry out division, fragmentation and destruction.

With these operations, sometimes the desired individual can be promoted to leadership. Sometimes, if the desired strategic goal has been achieved by the public, silence is preferred as if nothing has happened and things are postponed to another spring. Sometimes, if the people or organizations used start to pose a danger to the will of the user or if it will be useful in achieving a greater goal, they may be withdrawn, eliminated or cleaned.

It is the logic of psychological warfare to organize and organize in spite of you, on your behalf, to destroy you. In Turkey, in the operations of Ali Kalkancı and Acizmendis during the February 28 Postmodern Coup; This photo can be seen much better in the structure of PKK, Ergenekon and FETO.


Psychological warfare alone is useless; Generally, it is used in conjunction with diplomatic and military activities(1).

The fact that there was an intense psychological war environment before every revolution in Turkey, mass murders, sabotage and bombings, mass movements intensified are the products of this understanding. “If the people are comfortable, it is okay, if they started to move, it means they deserved to be deceived…” (3). “The people are reformed, tamed and digested by these operations.”(4).

In psychological warfare, "excessive ambition", "rebellion", "spoiledness", "feeling of fear" are the main auxiliary tendencies that are widely used. By using these tendencies, organization, front movement and attrition movement are carried out. In psychological warfare, propaganda is made openly, secretly and semi-secretly. Psychological warfare is dominated by fuzzy propaganda; source is not clear. Evaluations such as "there are documents", "there are allegations", "there are sensations" and "there are rumors among the public" are expressions that are frequently used in psychological warfare.

The 'smart power strategy' and 'model partnership' thesis that the USA adopted and put into service in 2006 was nothing but a different expression of the Communist leader Khrushchev's 'Peaceful coexistence' policy. The result was the turning of the Islamic geography into a bloodbath.


Psychological warfare, as a war focused on the mind of the interlocutor, aimed at unraveling his will, making him believe that he is guilty and surrendering, aims to receive, train and bring the interlocutor into the current system. In this respect, the thoughts and ideas for which people are fighting against an ideology or a system should be discredited. Attrition of the persons representing the idea is a priority. For this purpose, besides other psychological warfare activities, the meanings of the basic concepts in that belief or thought system are distorted(4).

Worrying, discrediting, distorting concepts can be done in different ways. First; Concepts are put into a frightening, frightening image by being described with special adjectives. "medieval thought", "desert law", "reactionary thought", "outdated thought", "reactionary thought"; This is the reason why Muslims are called "reactionary", "bionic", "uncontemporary", "bedouin", "religious exploiter teacher", "sorcerer teacher", "jiji teacher". Concepts include expressions of humiliation and denunciation.

However, the contamination of the existing system, its inability to respond to the material and especially spiritual needs of the society; It causes people to turn to Islam more willingly and consciously. In such periods, concepts that were previously rejected and slandered begin to take ownership by giving them other meanings. This is the second form of corrupting concepts: “They mislead words from where they were placed.” (5 Maida 13).

At such times, psychological warfare experts start an attack by saying "We are Muslims"(!) "Everyone is Muslim"(!) and calling believers "radicals/fundamentalists".

With this attitude, they want to put a new dress on Islam by preserving their own thought and value system. They try to build the “New Islam”(!) by saying that what Allah deems halal is haram and what Allah deems haram is halal (9 Tawba 31). Hz. Regarding Tawba 31, the Prophet said, “Their priests and scholars made halal haram and haram halal, and the people followed them. This is the worship of the people to their clergy and scholars.”(5) This is the reason why he said.

Allah says in the Qur'an, “Do not substitute truth for falsehood, and do not hide the truth while it is known to you.” He warns believers against this danger by saying (2 Baccarat 42).


Psychological warfare is an uninterrupted form of struggle and is carried out today using advanced technology (TV, internet, social media, etc.). Society is subjected to an intense information bombardment. In general, out of 100 information presented to the public, 99 are correct and one is incorrect. 99 correct information is presented so that the only incorrect information is accepted as correct and used by the society or the addressees. Therefore, Muslims should be very sensitive to the high-dose psychological warfare used in the 21st century Crusades (3 Ali Imran 118-120; 4 Nisa 83).

Do not forget;

“The superstition is always superstitious; the real danger; it is in its appearance in the true form.”  Baki



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Important Note: The above article contains the author's personal views and may not reflect the publication and mentality of İktibas As İktibas Line, we publish the articles that we find worth reading in full text in order to bring them together with our audience in accordance with our non-profit publication policy.

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