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Application Forms for Facebok Closed-Locked Accounts

1-Verify Who You Are with Multiple Identities;

2-Step Not Accepted

in this form, follow the steps above, your name, surname, date, gender, gender, the e-mail address of your closed account, and finally by adding 1 copy of your identity document, we send it by ticking the option I accept and clicking send.

3-Security Disabled

E-mail address or mobile phone number registered in the closed account: add 1 of the e-mail address or mobile number you added before, and write the name and surname of the account in the other box. We do not upload an ID in this form and then send it by clicking send.

After filling and sending this form, an e-mail will come and reply to the next e-mail by saying 1 sample of our identity document and in the explanation part:
Hello Facebook Team : I am sending you my identity document that confirms my name as you wish , can you open my account please . We write and send the mail. They will respond to you within 72 hours on average.

4-Personal Data Requests

I have a Facebook account at the entrance of this form, but I can't access my account, mark the option, then fill out the form completely, add a sample of your identity document from the add file section, as I explained in other forms, and finally mark the option I accept and click send.
After sending the form, you can receive an e-mail immediately or after a few minutes or in 1 day (sometimes it is not clear) you can connect your e-mail account and the moment it arrives, reply in the same way, write that text in the description section as I wrote in the other form and add your identity document from the file section. We send our mail by uploading the sample..

All of these forms are application forms for reopening accounts that have been closed or locked (for those who have been locked out due to identity requests). If you have pages and groups in it or 1 account with a high follower, then edit it exactly as a prof, and edit and send the name, surname and date d of the identity document so that the information in your closed or locked account will be the same.

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