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Aslan Neferler Team Training Set Content


The training set is a set prepared by a person lion neferler team.

its content consists of more than 70 videos plus documents

Such a comprehensive set in the market is sold between 1500 and 2000 TL.

and there is no support against buying the set after it has been sold...


Aslan Neferler Team has always taken this as a mission from the day it was founded to this day.

For a decent, moral and future-oriented educated youth

Whatever his share is, he has done everything that is necessary for it.


we trained thousands of young people free of charge, we gave them the opportunity to fight for their country...

Even if many young people who grew up in our organization left us, the philosophy of life he took from here

And many of them, who have never broken their bond with us with the love of the country, have set up their own business..


we as lion soldiers team

We supported and continue to support all young people who are determined and have adopted the ideal of Islam and we will always support them.


In this context, we brought this training set to young people for a very small fee of 350 TL, and with the education support group we set up in telegram, we helped young people in places where they were stuck...


The content of our training set is exactly as seen in the picture.

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