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  • The information provided by the user during the purchase of the E-Dergi product is used for registration in the system in the domain name.

  • The information provided by the user at the time of purchase is considered correct. is not responsible for any inconveniences that may occur if it cannot be reached due to incorrect information.

  • E-Dergi starts within 24 hours after the purchase of the product  (within the following business day at the latest for orders that fall on the weekend) with the activation of the account to be opened by us in the system at and starts with the activation of the account you have purchased. covers the journal/journals. When the account is created, an e-mail is sent by the system for user and password operations E-dergi .  When the subscription expires, the account is suspended and re-purchase Access to the content is blocked unless

  • The user who purchases the e-Magazine has the right to receive and keep a copy of the content they access. However, this user is deemed to have declared and accepted that he will not share these contents at the time of purchase. If the content is shared in any way, the user is responsible for the legal consequences of this situation.

  • The account, which is opened based on the information provided by the user at the time of purchase, is unique to the user only and one login can be made at the same time. The user is responsible for any problems that may arise if the user name and password created in the system are shared.

  • All files in the system are owned by  Unauthorized sharing has legal consequences.

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