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What is SQL Vulnerability?

Many people now use the internet as a tool to do business. Today, when the virus has spread, it has become safer to work from home over the internet. The commerce sector, on the other hand, started to maintain this business in the virtual network through e-commerce sites by opening sites. The most common problem faced by the websites, which are seen as a source of income, is the hacking of their websites without any understanding. Hacking is actually a hijacking process.

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Nowadays, when technology is developing, it has become a child's play for people who know how to do this process. To take over a site is to first find its weak points. Such programs first find the weak points of the site. Then, by using these weak points through certain methods, they gain access to the site illegally through the database, except for the main user. Thus, the website is hacked, that is, someone else is taken over. This is the problem that websites face the most, and it can be done easily if precautions are not taken.  Certain measures, namely specific securityIt can be protected from this event by taking  precautions.


What Does  Sql Vulnerability Mean?

 First, it should be known what sql means. It is referred to as a SQL database management system. As the name suggests, it manages and designs the database. It is known as a programming language by its users, but it is not actually that way. Actually sql is a sub-branch used in any database. Therefore, operations can only be performed on the database. Apart from this gap, there are many vulnerabilities encountered by internet sites. In this topic, we are simply telling you about the sql vulnerability. 


 Why Are There Explanations Like Sql on Internet Sites?

 Every site user has wondered and investigated the reason for this. Some sites also find such explanations easily. This situation usually occurs on sites written using the SQL language. The reason for this is that those who created and wrote the site, that is, those who made the software process, made mistakes while doing the coding process.  These errors in the coding create vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are found by other people with the help of programs and cause sites to be hacked. 


Why are websites with errors such as  Sql vulnerability hacked?

 The confidential information on internet sites is stored in a section called database. In this section, for example, when a site such as a shopping site is considered, the data also stores the records of the customers.  When this data is captured by someone else, the customer records of that site, the credit card information of the customers and many other important information are in the hands of someone else. It is past and can be used as it wishes.  That's why data is very important. In order to reach the data, vulnerabilities such as sql, which are caused by errors in the software, are used, these vulnerabilities are found and the sites are hacked. Therefore, it is important to consider its security and the place where it develops it when choosing the software we will use on our website.



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