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9 Movies That Developers Should Watch 2021

Because spending more time on a job does not make it quality. Sometimes it's important to relax. You can read a book, go for a run (Maskeeee!😷) or watch a movie.

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Most of us are sitting at home during this period when covid-19 is not going away. I think that being in the house all the time causes a little loss of motivation. In particular, this situation works for me as follows: “Why am I at home, why do I learn new things? Why do I always stop writing code?” I always find myself in the codes with questions. How true is this?

I don't think it's very healthy!

Because spending more time on a job does not make it quality. Sometimes it's important to relax. You can read a book, go for a run (Maskeeee!😷) or watch a movie.

In this article, I will talk about 9 movies that will increase motivation for software developers. Let's start !

9 Movies That Raised Programmer Motivation

1. The Social Network

If I'm not mistaken, I watched this movie on Netflix. The entire movie chronicles how Facebook has grown as a business and the various ups and downs it has had to face.

2. The imitation Game

As a programmer, you will find this movie extremely interesting.

British mathematician Alan Turing joins the cryptography team to crack German ciphers. With the help of his mathematician friends, he builds a machine to crack passwords and events develop.

3. Pirates of Silicon Valley

This movie deserves the 1st place in the programming movies list for me.

It basically tells the story of how the personal computer was designed by today's giants like Microsoft and Apple.

4. Jobs

The film sheds light on Stev Job's personal and college life.

The movie revolves around Apple becoming the commercial enterprise it is today.

5. Mr. Robot

The series that made me hang out on TryHackme for 1 month! Okay, I know it's not a movie, but every episode was like a movie to me.

He describes Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer at 'Allsafe', a cybersecurity firm during the day, and a hacker at night (short summary.)

This movie is fun, rebellious, has a stunning soundtrack and even includes realistic aspects of programming.

6. Source Code

As the name suggests, there are codes in the array :P

The protagonist in the movie gets into another person's body using his programming skills.

7. The Founder

This movie doesn't include a programmer, but if you want to start something new, I recommend watching this movie before taking the first step!

The movie is about perseverance, determination and hard work. The best movie I've seen when it comes to starting a business. 

8. The Social Dilemma

Every person living in today's world is aware of how addicted to a drug called social media, that is, as lab rats they are used not to discover something new but to sell to customers, where advertisers are our customers, we are just the product.

9. The Great Hack

In this eye-catching, well-crafted documentary, the filmmakers face the challenge of blending their complex tech knowledge with escalating drama.



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